Utilitarian objects

In a market that puts standardization and uniformity first, objects created by Sacchi’s studio, are all different, unique in the quality of their form, color and material. In the atelier, care is taken - from the design to realization - with the production of pieces in majolica, gres or raku. A vast gamma of high-temperature glazes, the fruit of years of research and experimentation, enriches the surfaces of the objects.

Letter for you

The writing is the decorative element of these objects. Words are important as meaning and as graphic elements. Being covered by glazes, they are waterproof.

Roots / Food –
Roots / Wine

Many foods and drinks come from plants whose plantation is lost over the time. Some plantations characterize life of territories and people who live there. Plants are the natural elements connected with human roots. Writings and photographic images of roots are the decorative elements of the wine jugs and bowls.


The objects named Aquamarine is inspired by colours of water sea and stones. Bowls have different shapes and dimensions. Some of them are large while others are more closed. Two different kinds of stoneware have been used (white and brown).


The objects named Heart get started on the occasion of the exhibition Celestial Loves at the Spazio Nibe in 2005. Bowls and glasses are decorated with writing signs and drawings on the love theme.


The objects named Sea are unique pieces: for example, teapots have different shapes and dimensions. The collection has the glazes that evoke the transparent colour of aquamarine. The cobalt oxide has been used to make the drawings. Material sometimes dissolves among the glazes.


Bowls, vases and glasses have different shapes and dimensions. They are like a wave and the colours are the same in all the objects. The internal parts are glazed, while the external ones are rough.

Black Clay

These objects have been realized with a black clay. This is the reason why this series is named Black Clay. The external parts are rough, while the interiors are glazed. The shine of the glazes contrasts with the colour of the clay.