The courses conducted at Studio Nibe are offered to people who want to acquire theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of working with ceramics. A wide range of courses offerings responds to the needs of neophytes and of people who want to deepen their knowledge. Classes are small. For more information on courses, see the section News, the FB page, the IG page or sign up for our mailing list.

The following courses are offered periodically
ceramica di base

Basic Ceramics

This course provides the fundamental knowledge on clay processing, decoration and firing of the clay. Lessons take place in small group (7/8 people) and teaching is individual. Participants can learn different techniques.

Ceramica di base

I corsi di ceramica di base intendono fornire le fondamentali conoscenze teoriche e pratiche sulla lavorazione, la decorazione e la cottura dell'argilla. Il lavoro si svolge in piccoli gruppi (7/8 persone). Ciò consente ai partecipanti di essere seguiti a livello individuale e di svolgere un buon numero di esercizi utilizzando differenti tecniche.

decorazione ceramica

Ceramic Decoration

This course deepens the knowledge in the field of decoration techniques starting from semi-finished product in terra cotta: under-glazed decoration, glazes, slip, graffiti and so on. You can use your semi-finished objects in terra cotta or you can buy it in the studio.


Paper clay

Paper Clay is a mixture of clay and paper, that allows to you to create light objects with unusual and interesting surfaces. First you will learn to create two different kinds of mix: white or colored. Second, you will experience the potential of each mix and, finally, you will create objects with your personal touch.



Craftsmen and sculptors often create their objects thanks to the molds. In this way, they produce serial objects. In this course, students choose different prototypes and make their plaster molds. Finally, they copy the original piece by stamp or casting techniques. The objects are refined and fired.



The extruder is a mechanical device equipped with different matrices. Using these matrices is possible to create objects, decorative elements, jewelers. In the course, you can experiment different creative solutions suggested by the different matrices. After a first project phase, students will realize and fire many artifacts.



Photoceramics is very common in the production of ceramic objects. In the past, this technique was widely used to reproduce ornamental motives. Nowadays photoceramics has been totally renewed. In the course students use it on different surfaces, thinking a range of different aesthetic visions.


L’applicazione di fotografie su materiali ceramici è una tecnica usata da molti anni nella produzione di oggetti. La fotoceramica nasce principalmente per rendere riproducibili dei motivi ornamentali su prodotti di tipo seriale. Oggi l’uso di questa tecnica si è completamente rinnovato dal punto di vista concettuale. Nel corso si utilizzano foto ceramiche su svariati supporti, progettando diverse possibilità estetiche.



This course offers theorical and practical knowledge about the fascinating high-temperature world. Students do laboratory exercises on the invention of different glazes, starting from raw materials. After a theorical introduction about making techniques and decoration of gres, students try to create artifacts using white or brown clay. Finally, they prepare and apply the glazes on their objects.


High-temperature Glazes

In this course, the topic of high-temperature glazes is deepened both from theorical and practical point of view. The glazes will be made starting from raw materials, then tests will be carried out on different tipes of clay (white and brown). Finally, different decoration techniques will be realized.


Ceramic Jewelry

Starting from a theme, students will realize their ceramic jewelry. In the first part of the course, students will acquire a knowledge about the jewelry history, paying particular attention to the contemporary. In the second part of the course, the design, the study, the formal research and the learning of different ceramic’s decoration will give to the students chance to create their ceramic jewelry.